Three guidelines for a good value proposition

  • Make it coloring book simple, in the customer’s voice without jargon, corporate buzz words or hype.
  • It must appeal to your customer's strongest decision-making drivers.
  • Be brief - ideally, it should be able to be read in under 30 seconds.

Building your winning strategy starts with understanding your business, your customers, and the market landscape. Without a robust market analysis, you can not answer the core questions that are foundational to building your strategy.

  • Who are your best customers?
  • What are the conditions driving their profitability?
  • How can you best support their success?
  • What are your competitors doing to support these customers?

The FM Group can provide the insight you need through quantitative and qualitative analysis. You increase your understanding and can identify the unique value proposition that differentiates your company from the competitors.

We perform actionable analysis with both an internal and external focus to identify the opportunities where you can leverage your strengths for profitable growth.

Internal Focus

  • Revenue and gross profit segmentation by markets and geographies
  • Portfolio profitability analysis
  • Identification of critical strengths and weaknesses

External Focus

  • Market megatrends, local trends, and drivers
  • Market size and projected growth rates segmented by critical verticals and geographies
  • Competitive landscape; their strengths, weaknesses, and current strategy
  • Voice of Customer Interviews with existing clients, former clients, and competitively held sites

And we can lead your team through the creation of a crisp value proposition for the business and key portfolio elements that resonate with your target markets.

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